At Smart Living Properties, we know moving is a stressful and disruptive experience. When you have to move, it means something important is happening in your life. We eliminate home-finding stress with our online community-finding experience. Since 2005 we've guided thousands of people per year to the fully furnished all inclusive rental properties we build and manage across Ottawa.

Smart Living is all about a lifestyle of vibrance and convenience. This means being close to the neighborhood you want to live in so that all options are open at a moment's notice. Whether that means getting to your job or a class quickly and stress-free, or a last-minute get-together with friends, your life will be open to opportunity and spontaneity. Smart Living is also about value, getting to live in a high-quality building in a prime location. Professionally designed, furnished, and outfitted with smart home technology, our apartments and houses are the perfect home base.


When living is simplified, everything good in life is amplified.
That's Smart Living.




Our investment team handles property selection and negotiation.


Maximize the utilization of space and revenue generation. Consult with the city on details pertaining to what the zoning allows and advise the client on the easiest/fastest way to obtain the permit.


Ensure quality and cost controls by leveraging high quality sub-contactors and fixed-rate construction contracts.


Drive leasing & prospect management, tenant relations and asset management in order to maximize revenue and property value.