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Our Story

Smart Living is all about vitality – being close to the neighbourhood you want to live in so that all options are open at a moment's notice. Whether that means getting to your job or a class quickly and stress-free, or a last-minute gathering of friends, your life will be open to opportunity and spontaneity.


In fact, belonging to the Smart Living Properties community will help you settle into your new place more quickly and feel a part of the local scene. With over a thousand members of the Smart Living community already, it will be easier for you to learn where everything is and feel like you belong. 


Smart Living is also about value – getting to live in a high-quality building in a high-quality location.  It's a chance to meet new friends through your house-mates while always having a quiet personal space to retreat to.


Each Smart Living Property has high-end common areas that include great finishings like marble counter tops and big-screen televisions. Of course, connecting with your friends online is essential, so all properties have good internet access. Plus, you can feel safe. As a matter of fact, Smart Living Properties are equipped with security cameras and keyless locks to better protect you.

Smart Living Properties has been a leader of the Minimalist movement for over eight years now. We didn't know it at first – we just wanted to build Smart Spaces where people could get the most out of their life in the most simple way possible.


Leading a minimalist life does not mean sacrificing on quality – it actually leads to higher quality. In fact, we design our Smart Spaces with great finishings like marble counter-tops and efficient storage.


Smart Living Properties is based in Ottawa, Ontario and has been building and managing Smart Spaces since 2005. Our vision to provide Spaces for a quality Minimalist life began when we were attending the University of Ottawa and couldn't find such a place. Everything was either too low-end or was too big. We saw that there was an opportunity to build quality places that have the right amount of space and great value.